My wife is a residential Realtor® and recently sold a house to a developer. The original house that was built in 1950 will be torn down.

The owner, who I will call Mr. Frugal, purchased it new just and recently went into an assisted care facility.

My wife worked with both his children who were raised in the house, and the owner who has all his faculties at age 97.

The children didn’t say he was frugal. They said he was cheap as can be. Like Scrooge McDuck.

All of us live in a nice suburb of Los Angeles called Encino. Many of the homes around us are being purchased by developers and torn down to build multi-million dollar houses.

What I found funny during the negotiations was that Mr. Frugal, who was getting $1.8 million for his house, wanted to sell some of the appliances for extra money.

Granted these appliances are 15-20 years old and worth on the open market about $100, this is what he was focused on.

It is easier for all of us to focus on small amounts of money, and completely lose contact with large sums of money. This is just a real-life example.

Where is your focus?

To Your Prosperity,