Rennie’s Award-Winning #1 Selling Book

I love Wealth On Any Income.  Everyone, and that includes you, can become wealthy.

Mark Victor Hansen Co-Creator, #1 New York Times Best-Selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ Series

This is perhaps the most important subject you will ever deal with, and Wealth on Any Income gives you a step-by-step road map to follow.  You can achieve all of your dreams of financial freedom by putting these ideas to work.

Brian Tracy America’s #1 Training Authority

Kevin Harrington, the first Shark on Shark tank, interviews Rennie Gabriel.
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In Wealth On Any Income you will discover how:

  • You were taught how to earn money, but not how to manage it, so it’s not your fault that you don’t have enough
  • Making more money will NOT make you wealthy, and what to do about it
  • Becoming debt free will NOT solve your financial problems.. and what will
  • Regardless of your level of income, you can learn to invest and create passive income so that work becomes a choice, not a requirement
  • You can create financial independence by using Rennie’s tried and proved system
  • You can transform your wealth by learning and implementing to think how the wealthy think and use the tools the wealthy use to create and keep their wealth
  • You can learn to create a system that will not fail to keep your finances in good shape

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Praise for Wealth on Any Income

Your Wealth On Any Income is one of the best books. You are personable and humorous…with practical application.

Tom Van Dyke
President, Inner Bridges

You presented concepts wonderfully. The information was very down to earth, very simple, and very easy to understand. I literally took in everything you said.

Constance Kay Weatherman
Bodywork Practioner

Wealth On Any Income provides tremendous value to anyone who needs to learn the skills of handling money effectively on a daily basis. It also provides the tools to get out of debt and remain debt free..

Katherine M. Rieder PhD

I always heard “save 10%.” I have to say the best part of the book is when you diagram HOW to save the money on page 124. I have never seen this or heard any financial “guru” explain this. Now I have a better idea on how to direct money from my vendor business and other sources. I will be sharing this with my grandchildren. Thank You for all you do.

Sharie Brown

Your book inspired me to action & so do your life experiences! Many of the money management value tasks in your book are in perfect alignment with Building, Leading, Protecting Your Business + Building Your Wealth Cycles.

Juliana Todorova
doTERRA distributor

Your style is easy and relaxed…Your teaching style is clear and inspires confidence.

Susan O. Patton
President, Employee Assistance Program, Inc.

I just read this book, and I must say even though it was written years ago, its wisdom is more current than ever. The author addresses the root causes that prevent people from achieving financial Freedom. It all starts with those beliefs we have about money and wealth, and subconscious habits we have developed throughout our life. I really enjoyed this book. 5 stars!

Cloris Kylie, MBA

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I was honored to be a part of this publication, can you guess which word I defined for the book? You guessed it – WEALTH!

This is a book you put on your coffee table, leave in the bathroom, or keep on your desk. Use it in any way. Ask a question and see what word shows up when you open the book. Use it to pick a word for the day – just open the book. If you don’t like the word – choose another one. It’s just a fun book to lighten your day.

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Rennie’s newest book “Attitudes of The Wealthy” provides you with Daily Attitudes that lead to wealth and positive relationships.

Is it fair that the wealthy have different attitudes about money than you? Not when you can adopt those same attitudes.
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