Terms and Disclaimer for...

Rennie Gabriel's
Wealth On Any Income Method

Thank you for your interest in the program.  Because this will be a very high touch program with significant interaction with both me and the group with which you will be participating, confidentiality is crucial.

I expect there will be some people who are struggling financially on a low income, and others who may be struggling financially on a very high income. The numbers do NOT establish who you are as a person. You will find that we all share common feelings regardless of our income or net worth.

Your continued participation in the Wealth On Any Income Group Coaching Calls is at my discretion. As a participant you are required to both maintain confidentiality and provide support to others in the group. You will be contributed to, and are expected to contribute to others.

Every effort will be made to support you to reach your goals personally and with the group. However, if you harass, demean, abuse or break confidentiality, you will not be allowed to continue in the group.

Please acknowledge your acceptance to these terms on the checkout page for the course.

- Rennie Gabriel