September 11 is a day that makes me humble.

Thousands of innocent people died from religious fanatics who hate the freedoms we have in America . For a short time, we came together as a nation whether we were Republicans or Democrats.

I am humble for the blessings I have.

The people in our military put their lives on the line in various parts of the world that allow us to have the freedoms we have here at home.

They deserve our support and respect. I am blessed to donate 100% of my book and program profits to charities that support dogs and veterans.

My military service was during the Vietnam War and I was in the Naval Reserve. I enlisted while in college and did not end up being sent overseas.

Some of the people with whom I went to high school came back wearing a colostomy bag from their injuries, or in a body bag.

I was able to eat meals at a table on the ship and take showers. I did not have to wade through jungles or crawl through rice paddies.

I am humble for the blessings I have.

I thank God for my health, my prosperity, and for the relationships with the people I love who love me.

I am humble for the blessings I have.

What are the blessings you can be thankful for at this time?

To Your Prosperity,